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Welcome to Canadian Shooter, a place wherein you will find articles on shooting skills and methodology.  As you may have already guessed I’m Canadian and have more than a passing interest in firearms.  As with some of my more interesting hobbies, the firearms community is resplendent with all varieties of characters and all manner of opinions, yet it can be exceedingly challenging to find in-depth ‘how to’ descriptions as a guide for someone learning to shoot or striving to shoot better.  Everyone seems have an opinion on the ‘best gun for this’ or ‘the best caliber for that’ yet not all of these people will take the time to show you how to properly hold said firearm, or help you determine the best choice for you. Throughout this site I hope to provide detailed but easy to follow descriptions of the skills and techniques I’ve learnt in shooting from a myriad of books, videos and other firearms instructors with the intended purpose that you, the reader, will be able to add to your enjoyment and perhaps shoot just a hair closer to perfect.

Before we start on this journey I would like to clear the air so you understand just who is sitting on the other side of this blog.  I’m not a Royal Delta Ranger Spetnaz Guru, nor have I ever played one on TV.  I can not do a hatchet attack while back flipping off a trampoline (Actually maybe I can – I’ve never tried) and I haven’t been involved in a shoot out with Ninjas / Thugs / Terrorists or won any world competitions of note anywhere.  I’m a regular Jonny Lunchpail who has spent a number of years watching, reading and studying every piece of information I can obtain related to shooting and then testing them in application again and again to see what works.  If you don’t agree with something you see here,  or have a trick which works better for you, fill your boots!  What is being presented here is simply a distilled amalgamation of techniques, some of which will surely be surpassed by better methods in the future.  Oh, and if you only wish to listen to the advice of someone with the ‘street cred’ of a Special Forces Vet or an Uber Ninja Jedi, don’t despair, there is usually one (or two) at every range on any given day.

Finally a word (or two) on Safety.  There is NO higher priority, EVER.  Not winning, not impressing others, not rushing to be done at the end of the day.  If anyone ever tells you otherwise, or is so ‘experienced’ or ‘trained’ that they ‘don’t need to obey the normal safety rules’ you need not worry about their judgment…  you will outlive them.  Remember the following as if your life depended upon it:

1. Always treat every Firearm as if it were loaded.

2. Never point any Firearm at anything you do not wish to destroy

3. Keep finger straight and off the trigger until you intend to fire

4. Know your target AND what is beyond it

About the Hippo – you may notice as you make your way through the articles and art throughout this site that I’ve chosen ‘Hippy the Tactical Hippo’ as our mascot.  This may raise some questions as the Hippopotamus amphibius is not a well known Canadian icon.  Aside from the VAST number of wild Canadian Hippos roaming the great white north, this hippo has been chosen for what he represents.  The hippo is a fat, cuddly looking fellow who also happens to be arguably the most dangerous mammal in all of Africa (Not an easy feat when competing with Lions, Hyenas and crocodiles!).  His deadliness exists for two primary reasons:  First, the Hippopotamus is a firm follower of the laws of physics, who knows that when a balance of speed, mass and energy is correctly applied it can ruin someone’s day fairly quickly.  Second, the Hippopotamus has the proper warrior mindset and dogged focus (i.e. he is one grumpy bugger) to win any disagreement.  I have always believed in the usefulness of physics and feel that dissecting shooting down to the pure physical elements will provide a recipe for success.  Furthermore, an aggressive attitude towards practice and repetition will help bake that recipe into something you can be proud of.   Hippy embodies that focus, attention to detail and ability to laugh at yourself that allow one to progress towards excellence day by day.  Being fat and cuddly is simply a nice touch.

Still with me? Let’s go learn… because next time we are at the range together I expect you to outshoot me!

If you havent already, go check out the following for further reading on pistol shooting skills:

1- Holding the Pistol (https://canadianshooter.wordpress.com/holding-the-pistol/)

2 – Sight Alignment with Pistols (https://canadianshooter.wordpress.com/2-sight-alignment-with-pistols/)

3 – Trigger Pull with Pistols (https://canadianshooter.wordpress.com/trigger-finger/)

To learn more about Canadian Shooter and a little about hippos check out:

About (https://canadianshooter.wordpress.com/about/)

All Photographs by Bob McKerrell (www.bobmckerrell.com) – Thanks Bob!

All Drawings, Diagrams and Words by Mike C.

Email: canadianshooterblog@gmail.com with any questions/comment/feedback

  1. Luc says:

    Thank you for all the information. I am only beginning to learn to shoot and your website is the most complete, most informative and easiest to understand about the fundamentals of shooting.
    I cannot wait to read more.
    PS: love the humor too

    • lynxicanus says:


      Thanks for taking the time to leave some feedback – it lets me know that all the work that goes into this is worth it! There will certainly be more to come so keep your eyes peeled. If there is anything you would like to see covered, or any other questions / comments please post them or email canadianshooterblog@gmail.com and I’ll see what I can do.


  2. alan says:

    Great article. NO ONE has explained the grip better than this. a big this.

  3. Ed says:

    Where can I get a shirt and how much is it in U.S. dollars?

  4. randy crawford says:

    Super-excellent explanations all around.

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